Frequently Asked Questions

What is vector conversion and advantages of vector images?

  • Vector graphics is created using points, lines, curves and shapes. Whereas raster images are made up of pixels.
  • Vector images can be printed in any resolution as per user requirement.
  • Vector images can be scaled up to any size without loosing any information, whereas raster images/bitmaps can’t scale up to the desired size. Doing this we loose the information of the raster file.
  • Vector images can be colored as per user requirement that includes gradients, blends and flat colors or we can change the entire image/logo color to any other color.
  • Vector images can be saved in any format.
  • Vector files are suitable for printing, engraving, embroidery, web design, CAD, illustration, flash and other purposes.
  • Raster images are best for use in photography. Vector images are used for logos, type/fonts, line arts and illustrations.

What are the formats that I can get?

  • CDR: CorelDraw
  • AI : Adobe illustrator
  • EPS: Encapsulated Postscript
  • PLT: HPGL Plotter file
  • WPG: Corel WordPerfect Graphic
  • WMF: Windows Metafile
  • EMF: Enhanced Windows Metafile
  • CGM: Computer Graphics Metafile
  • DXF: AutoCAD
  • DWG: AutoCAD
  • PDF:Portable Document Format and more

How to send a file to Rajita?

How to get a quote for the file & how do I get it done

  • Send us the artwork/logo attachment through email. We will revert to you with the costing based on the complexity and time taken to edit the same. Once we get the approval, we will send you the sample proof (low res jpeg) of the work done. after approval of our sample, you can pay us and take your art work in any vector format. Note: 50% of advance needs to be pay If the file cost is more then $48USD, After receiving your payment we will start working on it.

What is the turn around time?

  • If the Logo/Image is small and the cost is pre approved, then it can be returned on the same day or within 24 hrs.
  • If the Logo/Image is time consuming then it will take 2 to 3 working days.
  • Note: For the cost reference check our rate card.
  • Your pre cost approved Logo/Image will be worked on, only when it matches with our costing. Then you will get a payment request to pay along with low res jpeg proof. Once we receive the payment we will send you the final art work.

How to pay for the artwork?

  • After approving the cost for the Logo/Image, we will send you a payment request.

What if I don’t like the artwork?

  • Send us the artwork
  • Please specify if any modifications need to be made and what is it.
  • We will send you the proof of the artwork as per the request.
  • Further any changes needs to be made please intimate us.
  • We will modify the same and send you the proof again. This process will continue till you get your desired results. After approval of the artwork/logo you will receive the final artwork in vector format.

Do I have to pay for the corrections?

  • If you have any corrections to be made because we have misunderstood your instructions or if it is an error on our part, then it will be done free of cost. Minor corrections are also done free of cost. Corrections on your part will be cost according to the time taken.

Do you maintain the files on your records?

  • Yes for 6months we will keep your files in our records. After that it will be edited from our records.

Do I need to specify the type/font name in the logo while sending?

  • Yes if you know the type name its better to specify, doing this will reduce the cost of the artwork.
  • If not we will search for the font of your request within our font data base.
  • If we find the font then costing will remain the same, if not, it will be traced manually and calculated according to the time taken to do it.
  • If you request for the replacement to the nearest font which is available with us, it will also reflect in the cost reduction.
  • Note: We have thousands of fonts with us.

Do I have to pay for fast turn around?

  • Not in all the season. If we need to work after our sheduled work time then the additional charges will be applicable.

What is a business account?

  • We have a facility where clients can deposit some amount with us and use as and when they send us the work. We will maintain an excel sheet regarding the transations of the files when it has been received, send and costing etc.,

How do I take a business account?

  • If you wish to open a business account with us, Send us an email with your company details. We will send you the payment request to open a business account.

How do I know the status of my prepaid account?

  • For prepaid clients, we maintain a record in which the following information will be recorded
  • Your company details. (i.e. Company name, current address, phone no., email id, ref person name etc.,)
  • Date on which we received the amount and how much.
  • Details of the file name, cost, received and sent date, available balance. All these informations will be maintained in separate columns.
  • Finally, we deduct the cost for the file which we have done from the available balance.
  • As and when the spread sheet will get modify, you will receive the updated information.

Do I get my work done within a day?

  • “Yes” in the case of small image/logo or it can be finish on the same day. If it is time consuming, then will revert to you with the details, like costing and timing.

Do I get a discount if I am a regular client?

  • Yes, for the regular clients we do have this facility with fast turnaround.

Do I get discount if I am a prepaid account holder?

  • Yes, for the prepaid account holder we do give discount with fast turnaround.

Do I get discount on bulk order?

  • Yes, for the bulk order we do have this facility. Discount will be based on the number of images and turnaround time.

How to know about the cost for bulk order?

  • Send us the samples.
  • Specify the number of files.
  • Turn around time.
  • After checking the sample files we categorize the order ie simple, medium, complex and very complex.
  • Cost will vary according to the category.
  • In the given order almost all the files are of same complexity.

Do we get a flat rate for all the bulk order?

  • Cost will be based on the complexity and turn around time of the file.

How do you categorize the bulk order?

  • Usually files will be categorised as simple, medium, complex and very complex.

What if I need flat rate for all the files?

  • It will be decided after checking the complexity of the file and turnaround time.
  • If the files are almost of the same complexity and of same time consuming then we consider it for a flat rate.
  • Complex files are more compared to simple and medium files, then we discuss with the customer and decide the cost.

I want to restore my photo, how do I do that?

  • Send your photo to us via email.

How to know about the cost of the file that I sent to you?

  • Attach your file/photo through email and send us along with your requirements. We revert to you with costing, turnaround time and your specified requirements.

What if I agree for the costing and get my photo to be restored?

  • As soon as we get approval from you, we start working on your photo and send you the sample for the same. After approving the sample file we will send you the final file.

How to pay for the work that I have got it done?

  • Along with the sample proof we send you the payment request.

What if I want to continue doing business with you?

  • Yes, it’s our pleasure to give our service to you. In this situation we suggest you to take up a business account. Taking a business account is not compulsory.