Terms and Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions that are applicable for all the customers who deal with Rajita Graphics

  • Once we deliver your artwork/image/logo, you are the owner of it.
  • We will not be disclosing any information to others without customer approval.
  • We assure you that your copyrights will be maintained.
  • Customer files will be maintained for certain period ( period of 6 months), later files will be removed from our records.
  • Once we get the approval from the customer, we will start working on the file and will not be cancelled in-between.
  • Any misguidance from the customer while carrying out any work, will cost according for the time spent on the file.
  • Any mistakes from our end will be re-worked, without any extra cost.
  • If we are unable to fulfill customer requirements, amount will be refunded accordingly.
  • You can comment on the work done by us.
  • We will not work on the documents that are against to the law or government of their respective countries. Customers are requested not to send such files. Without our knowledge, if we do any such documents, Rajita Graphics cannot be held responsible. In this situation, we reveal the customer details to the concerned persons and the same will be handled directly by them. Our presence or interference will not be there in such cases.
  • Our main priority is to provide best service to our Clients in-time with reasonable cost.